Christmas Reunion

Dear friends, Thursday, December 28th, we meet our litter “A” here in Komjatice. Iviteded are not only the owners of our puppies, but also people interested in the breed, owners, breeders from local region. If you are interested in meeting with us on short walk around our pound, do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Atria Kaida Show Champion

Atria Kaida Sonata Carpathica has become Show Champion with UKC this summer. Kaida lives in the U.S.A. with her owner Jenna who has decided to try dog shows and the success has come very soon.   Jenna, thank you so much for an amazing presentation!

Bonitation MOŠOVCE

On August 13, 2017, the bonitation and youth presentation took place in Mošovce. From our kennel participated the females: ASKELLA Sonata Carpathica with her owner Danka (youth presentation- very promising) – on the photo, ADARA Sonata Carpathica with the brother of the owner Michal (with bonitation code As K1 Oh P3 / 62 Xv54,84 Xf106,45 Xh0,6875 SK), ALYA ZARA Sonata Carpathica with the owner Lenka (with the rating code As Og P3 / 64 Xv54,69 Xf104,69 Xh0,742 SK), thus the females Adara and Alya Zara fulfilled all the conditions of breeding, thank you for the representation!   More photos HERE.


On August 12, 2017, a club show was held in Mošovce, where our ATLAS Sonata Carpathica also took part, winning not only the open class but also the club winner – the best dog. We thank the owner Jakub for a beautiful representation. Judge: MVDr. František Rosík More photos HERE.

Ain visiting us

In August we had a precious visitors from England- Michaela and Marián visited us with our Ain Sonata Carpathica. While he was a puppy, he used to sleep with us: And of course he stick to it and now he is occupying his masters´ bed: Thank you so much for visiting us, it was lovely to see you!!