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On August 13, 2017, the bonitation and youth presentation took place in Mošovce. From our kennel participated the females:

ASKELLA Sonata Carpathica with her owner Danka (youth presentation- very promising) – on the photo,

ADARA Sonata Carpathica with the brother of the owner Michal (with bonitation code As K1 Oh P3 / 62 Xv54,84 Xf106,45 Xh0,6875 SK),

ALYA ZARA Sonata Carpathica with the owner Lenka (with the rating code As Og P3 / 64 Xv54,69 Xf104,69 Xh0,742 SK),

thus the females Adara and Alya Zara fulfilled all the conditions of breeding, thank you for the representation!


More photos HERE.

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