Like any other breed, the breed of Czechoslovakian wolfdog has to fulfill certain conditions to be approved for breeding, those conditions are determined and covered by the club of the particular breed. At our national breed, these conditions are not the simplest, but this is related to our patronage over it and guaranteeing the quality of Slovak breeding.

Each individual to be approved for breeding has to complete:

  • at least one exhibition/dogshow recommended by the club (European or Club Dogshow, or World Dogshow of Slovak National Breeds, valid from the young class, regardless of the rating – except for disqualification or unrated).
  • X-ray examination of hip joints, but X-ray of elbow joints are also recommended.
  • endurance test SVP1 (40 km within a 4-hour time limit) can be completed from the age of 12 months, or b) successfully passing the BH-VT exam according to the International Examination Regulations (IGP), it is possible to take it from 12 months.
  • bonitation with taking blood samples for DNA profile and DM and DW testing (DM and DW tests can be done at any time of life).

The main part of bonitation is measurement, which is an important assessment of the quality of parental couple as well as important data for the formation of next breeding couples. Equally important is the test of the dog´s character. The reaction of the dog to the passing person, to the person pretending an attack, the reaction of the dog to the movement between the group of people and the response to the gunshot is evaluated.

At younger age, an individual may also participate in youth presentation, but this is not an obligation, however the youth presentation is a good training for bonitation itself.

A female can be approved for breeding at the earliest age of 18 months, a male at 24 months.