Everything started with the need to have someone we could care about, and who would fill up our spare time in return. After several years of exploring and reading available literature, we clearly decided for our national breed.

Choosing a puppy was impulsive, it was love at first glance. Gara z Oravy was our first puppy from Jožko Straka. The confused looks in the car on the way to new home did not leave us cold and from that moment we knew she would be our sweetheart pet.

We brought in a puppy for joy, to have a friend and companion, but after eight months we were joined by a two and a half year Bref Karpatská svorka. He was awesome, peaceful, he was obedient even by look, not only by commands, majestic, with a captivating look. He has a very good character and was that kind of dog we liked most. Luckily Bref is a typical sangvinic and after the change of the owner he quickly adapted and fully started to enjoy moments with us.

Of course, the excellent coming along with our Gara z Oravy helped him very much. Bref had already completed some of the conditions for approval for breeding, which we fully completed in the following year, and together with Gara they were approved for breeding in the same year.

The registration of the breeding station/kennel was a logical outcome of fullfilling the breeding conditions at both our dogs.