Our kennel welcomes suggestions for cooperation of various kinds. We provide advice on choosing a puppy (not only from our kennel), advice on nutrition and care for a Czechoslovakian wolfdog.

We offer assistance in choosing a breeding pair, a stud male (our selection must always be approved by the chief breeding advisor), we also cover other than our own litters, which is a great honor for every breeder.

Conditions for the owners of Czechoslovakian wolfdog who would like to have a litter under our kennel are a matter of common agreement, the basic conditions on our part are:

  • maximum support in the promotion of the planned litter (website, social networking, advertising)
  • help in evaluating new owners for puppies
  • co-financing of litter inspection fees and issuing of the pedigrees
  • complex service in administration of the litter
  • complex breeding service for puppies owners (puppies from such a litter we consider “ours”)
  • food allowance for pregnant female and puppies
  • co-financing of vaccinations and chips, DM and DW tests
  • co-financing of starting package for new owners

All conditions of the litter under the Sonata Carpathica kennel are individual, based on mutual agreement with the owner of the breeding female!

We provide maximum support and help for all the owners of the puppies from our kennel in getting approved for breeding, in presentation on dogshows, in sport activities, they become members of our “wolfie family”.

In case you are interested in cooperation with us, do not hesitate to contact us!

We would also like to thank our friend and excellent photographer Michal VOLÁRIK, who often accompanies us on the various events he professionally captures in his photographs. His photos can be found not only on this page, but also on our FB page in the albums. WE THANK YOU!