We have tought Gara to listen to the name of Khaleesi. For socializing and consolidating relationships, we wanted to have her with ourselves. Her first night in our bedroom was suffering. January’s Orava temperature deep below freezing was a huge temperature difference over our hot, heated room. It was a great challenge for us because we spent almost two weeks in freezing weather with heating turned off and windows open. The main thing was that our sweetheart slept like in cotton. For our sacrifice, she used to come to lick our faces in the night…
Our entire life was turned upside down and it did not matter at all. All trips and vacations where dogs were not allowed, were postponed. Suddenly, we spent endless hours outside, regardless of the season, weather, or part of the day.

Gara z Oravy is an adult now, a balanced female, loving her wolfpack, she is wily and constantly testing our patience. She is cautious and protective, territorial and snuggling at the same time.

She has excellent work skills, a short reaction time, she enjoys her obedience training, but she has her days when she is not willing to obey a single command…

She incredibly enjoys sniff training, and defense training has helped her in the growth of healthy self- confidence.



∗ 29.10.2011

Bonitation: As Oc Xv55 Xf110 Xh0,6875 P3/60

Health: RTG HIPS A/A   RTG ELBOWS 0/0    DM N/DM     DW N/N

Tests: SVP 1