Our first litter is after parents Gara z Oravy (Khaleesi) and Bref Karpatská svorka, who are the establishing members of our wolf pack.

For us the litter “A” represents a connection between the blood of a well-working dog Bref Karpatská svorka, with the blood of another hardworker, Bajkal Tajomný tulák, father of our female Gara z Oravy. Although it may seem that we just used the dog we had at home, the opposite is true. Bref, who we bought as a two-and-a-half year old dog, we had planned to use to create breeding pair with Gara for one litter. Bref fitted into the concept of a flegmatical working character, athletic figure, height, head type and, last but not least, unrelated blood, which was not very well represented in the breeding. Time has showed it was not a bad move. Puppies from this litter are well suited to family, even with children, have bright eyes, good skeletons, quality coats and nicely shaped heads.

The puppies were born on 2nd December 2015 (5 females, 5 males).

Pedigree of litter “A”